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Four Coworking Spaces to Host Your Next Event At

Four Coworking Spaces to Host Your Next Event At

Looking for a venue for your next meetup, mastermind or shindig? While there’s plenty of big venues and conference spaces available for hire and god knows how many cafes and bars, you might think about collaborating with some of these community-minded venues to host your next event.

By day a cafe and great place to work, by night, a swanky party venue. Some of Chiang Mai’s best coworking spaces might surprise you with the transformations they make when the sun goes down. If you’re looking for a place to host your next event, whether that’s a small talk or meetup or even a full-blown party, here are a couple venues you might consider.

Buristro Bar & Cafe

A longtime supporter of the Chiang Mai Entrepreneurship Association, this cafe-slash-coworking space is connected to a stylish boutique hotel a hop and a skip away from the trendy neighborhood of Nimmanhaemin. A day pass here gets you wifi, a drink and access to the pool for, ya know, that work-life balance Chiang Mai’s known for.

The manager always seems game to collaborate on events whether it’s a pool party, meetup or seminar. With room for about 50 guests seated or up to 80 or so standing, it’s best for smaller gatherings as the acoustics are nil and the space quickly gets loud with too many talkers. The team are able to provide a microphone set up, a white board and even a projector if you need it in addition to slinging lattes and tending bar.

Heartwork the Sharing Space

I’ve attended raucous New Year’s parties, quality coworking events, and intimate workshops in this airy coworking space south of the Old City. Once a printing house, when the new generation of owners took over they decided to sideline a handful of the big machines in favor of creating a gorgeous coworking space (if you like pink and you like plants, then this is the space for you). 

With a big downstairs space suitable for large gatherings and several smaller breakaway spaces above, Heartwork can be flexibly set up for a number of uses whether you’re aiming for a social event or to create a learning atmosphere. Bonus: if you need graphic design work done and to print out fliers and tickets, just step into the adjacent print shop and you’re all sorted!

Cube No. 7

A quirky little warren of offices and workspaces tucked away in Sirimankalajarn (which seems on its way to becoming an unofficial tech hub of the city, albeit a small one) Cube No. 7 houses a coworking cafe and offices for some local software companies. Given the people who frequent the space, it has naturally become host to a number of events largely catering towards the developer and crypto communities (sidenote: if you’ve ever wanted to see a Bitcoin ATM, this is the place to check one out). With small rooms which can be booked for meetings as well as a larger central space for accommodating big groups, Cube No. 7 has a nice relaxed vibe and space for you to do your thing.

Passion Project The Cafe

Opened earlier this year, the team introduced Chiang Mai to their gorgeous new coworking space with a jazzy cocktail party. True to the name, the owners have poured their hearts and souls into this space and it shows. The cafe has an upper floor with soaring ceilings and big windows (get that natural light baby!) with views of the lush landscaping. Downstairs is a small but comfortable coworking area and rumor has it they are turning extra rooms off of the courtyard garden into bookable meeting spaces. The latest improvement to the space is a disco-worthy pizza oven (you’ll know what I mean when you see it) that fires 

Collaboratively minded, it’s worth chatting with the owners here if you’re looking to host an event. With many zones to wander around in, Passion Project would be great for social gatherings but also a surefire hit with your mastermind group if you round them up for a session.

The best way to get in touch with a manager at one of these venues is probably via Facebook messenger or LINE, but there’s nothing like a face to face meeting to make a great impression. Keep in mind that when you’re hosting an event at one of these spaces you’re representing the space, the team, and asking them to put in extra work as well, so establishing a good rapport and direct line of communication will go a long way.

Either I or people I know have hosted events at all of these spaces for free or in exchange for services, but keep in mind this might not always be the case. If you want to take over and ask them for help and resources, make it worth their time!

Been to events at these spaces? What did you think? What other some other great spaces you’ve attended events at? Comments and additional suggestions are highly welcomed!