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Co-More, Chiang Mai's Collaborative Spaces

Co-More, Chiang Mai's Collaborative Spaces

Where do you go when you need to get shit done or start a new business, but you don’t have all the tools and resources you need?

Chiang Mai’s many coworking spaces and outlet-rich cafes are undoubtedly one of the reasons the city is so popular with digital nomads. These hubs provide the three amenities that any entrepreneur or digital professional needs to succeed: lightning fast wifi, bottomless caffeine, and most importantly, talented people to mingle with and learn from.

Outside of the digital realm, however, sharing resources can also benefit other types of entrepreneurs and Chiang Mai is seeing a growing number of collaborative spaces that cater to the needs of these other creative classes. By providing amenities and resources that might typically be beyond the budget of a bootstrapping entrepreneur, these shared spaces support the growth of diverse new businesses.

Makerspace Thailand

First on the list, if you don’t already know Makerspace Thailand, then you might be acquainted with one of their successful spin-off ventures, the Air Tricorder. Located next to Punspace Coworking’s Tha Pae location, this collaborative workshop comes equipped with all that the modern inventor needs.

With 3D printers, CNC machines, laser cutters, a fully stocked workshop of power tools, and more, this is a coworking space that encourages you to bring your creativity to life. Founder Nati Sang is a former Silicon Valley IT professional who aims to support what he believes is an inherent strength of Thai creatives, the ability to work with their hands. For that reason, his member subscriptions are accessibly priced and the space fosters connections between local Thai and international talent.

If you’re a newbie looking to learn about tooling and manufacturing, the Makerspace team are happy to show you the ropes, from how to design CAD drawings to mastering 3D printing or going to town with a table saw. Need to refine your prototype before launching a Kickstarter campaign? This is the place to do it in case, you know, you didn’t bring your whole toolshed with you when you decided to move to Thailand to pursue your dreams.


Niramis Co-Creating Space

Located off the Canal Road southwest of town, Niramis is a co-creating space: part coworking space, part makerspace and workshop, they’re known for hosting a variety of workshops aimed at promoting business know-how and practical creative skills.

They also offer programs aimed and children and youth, making themselves a community center which connects people beyond Chiang Mai’s typical circles.

Founder Archan Naksorn has an extensive background in industrial design and used to lecture at Thammasat University in Bangkok. He opened the space in 2018 hoping to serve a diverse community and share his skills and know how with a broader audience.

In addition to workspace and resources, Niramis also offers design consultations,  business mentorship and a coffee shop any bean-snob can appreciate.


Tha Pae Co-Kitchen

Once the premises for her Mexican-fusion joint, restauranteur and cookbook author Yaowadee Chookong moved her original business in favor of setting up Chiang Mai’s first shared kitchen space. A joint venture with other local chefs, the venue provides members with a full restaurant kitchen, accessed according to a shared timetable.

For budding restauranteurs, the co-kitchen is the perfect way to start testing recipes or hosting weekly chef’s tables without committing to a full-time lease and playing hardball with the city’s rapacious landlords.

Chiang Mai’s chefs and organic farmers have put on regular workshops and events here, exploring everything from indigenous ingredients to artisanal vegan sushis and French baking. The shared kitchen has become g a hub for culinary creativity and a space for chefs and food enthusiast to explore, learn and celebrate.


Weave Artisan Society

Billing themselves as a “multifaceted design studio come process driven creative venue,” this collaborative space is still in the soft-opening phase, but stay tuned for exciting things to come.

Located in the historic Wua Lai area south of the Old City, this warehouse conversion sits amongst silversmith studio and antique shops in the historically significant neighborhood.

They partner with and create a community for artisans to provide studio space and host workshops and events that showcase local and regional craft, design and cultural experiences which a special emphasis on the creator’s story.


Coworking spaces are so much more than just jumped up coffee shops or shared offices for the untethered. They’re collaborative hubs that bring together talent and ideas, two things every startup ecosystem needs to grow.

By serving the needs of non-digital entrepreneurs, the collaborative spaces we’ve rounded up above are giving a more diverse group of entrepreneurs and creators a jumpstart and contributing to the city’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Have you checked out Chiang Mai’s collaborative space yet? Have more to add? Let us know in the comments!